C. M. Jackson-Houlston

Caroline Jackson-Houlston has been painting botanical and wildlife subjects since she was a child. She is largely self-taught. For botanical studies, she works in watercolour from life. At the age of eleven she started painting wild flowers to illustrate her own botanical record books, and has not stopped since. This is partly because drawing is a useful tool to fix points of identification, but mainly because she enjoys it and wants to celebrate the natural world, and, hopefully, encourage others to delight in and protect it.


Recent retirement from teaching English Literature at Oxford Brookes University has given her more time to paint.  In 2018, she won a Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal for paintings of Passion Flowers and in 2019 a Silver-Gilt for Fungi of the Thames Valley. She is a member of the Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration, ABBA, and the Society of Botanical Artists, as well as The Wildlife Art Society International.  She has also has a gold medal and bar for art from the Alpine Garden Society.



'Brazen Hussey'

Ficaria verna 

Mealy Bigfoot Webcap 

Cortinarius caerulescens 

Passiflora 'Jelly Joker'