How it began

Image Sian Phillips

Debbie Devauden, our Chair, asked Rachel Needham how it all came about - here’s what she said –

“It was completely by chance!

Both Bill and I are Friends of the Museum of Royal Worcester.  At a Friends’ Tea Party, last year, Bill was chatting to Amanda Savidge, the retiring Museum Director, and happened to mention that I was part of a group of artists who had been taught by Stuart Lafford, who had worked as a factory artist.

We showed Sophie Heath, the present Director, our work and, as they say, the rest is history.  We won a wonderful Botanical Award to fund a collaborative Exhibition.

We have had 4 very enjoyable sessions at the Museum, part guided tour, part looking at their impressive archive of drawings and paintings.

As a result 25 members are inspired to contribute work to our exhibition - "Botanical Treasures - inspiration from nature in porcelain and on paper".

By the way the name porcelain comes from an old Italian word for a cowrie shell and its lustrous transparency.  Fascinating!”