Anne Mustarde

I have always loved plants, gardening and particularly growing vegetables, but until I retired had never done any art. I caught the Botanic Art bug after a visit to an RHS show in London.

Many courses later notably with Ann Marie Evans, Julia Trickey and an inspirational online certificate course with Elaine Searle and several of the wonderful day courses with the GSBI, I am still learning, particularly how to draw accurately.

My preference is to paint from life, to use the Wet-in Wet watercolour technique and my inspiration is my wonderful garden in Box near Minchinhampton. During the summer I try to have a few projects drawn on tracing paper, measured, colour coded, well photographed and with a few composition ideas stored in acid free sleeves ready to work on during the winter months. Several of these projects remain in my drawer as I am a very slow painter but having some projects ready served me well during the pandemic.

Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’.

Fam: Malvaceae.

Flowering Maple

‘Thornless Blackberry’

Rubus cv R. Navaho

‘Sicilian Honey Garlic’

Nectariscordum siculum