Brian Griffiths

My background is in art and design. I have a degree in Fine Art and a B.Phil. in Landscape Design. I worked as a landscape architect for 10 years before my career as a furniture maker in 1987. Inspired by Macintosh and Shaker furniture and Bauhaus.

I studied gilding and leaded glass and incorporated this in my furniture. I retired from furniture making in 2006.

I have always painted, even from the early age of 5, oils, acrylics but mainly watercolours; landscapes and botanical art. I enjoy experimenting with different media and techniques based around water colour.

I have been a full-time landscape photographer and water colour artist since 2006.

My interest in photography really took-off when I got a digital camera 14 years ago. My approach to photography is more from a painters view than straight record shots. I use Photoshop to produce images of how I perceived the view, usually this involves balancing the colours and highlights.

Brussel sprouts


Coprinus Comatus

Ink from the fungus

Kohl Rabi

(Delicatess Blau)