The Joint Exhibition

Image Beth Phillip

“Botanical Treasures - Inspiration from Nature in Porcelain and on Paper" is an exhibition held in collaboration with the Museum of Royal Worcester from May to October 2021.

The Society's members were invited by the Museum to visit the archives, to examine and take inspiration from original designs, pattern books, working sketches and the porcelain displayed in the Museum. The exhibition will also celebrate the work of Stuart Lafford, an artist who worked for the Royal Worcester Porcelain Factory in the early 1980's. He inspired and taught many of the Gloucestershire Society’s members twenty five of whom will be exhibiting.

During the exhibition, members of the public of all ages will be welcome to attend:-

  • Talks on Botanical Art.

  • Family workshops.

  • Creative drop in and self led activities.

  • Botanical Art Masterclasses.

To book tickets to go to the exhibition or attend any of the workshops, click here

Here are some of our members examining the archives:-