Croome Court Exhibition

"Pages from Nature" - an Exhibition at Croome Court

Bringing the Hortus Croomensis to life


Thanks to an introduction from the Museum of Royal Worcester, 19 members of GSBI have contributed to an exhibition at Croome Court to celebrate the bi-centenary of the Hortus Croomensis.  Written by William Dean who was the head gardener at the time, this document recorded plants growing in the gardens some 200 years ago.  At that time, the plants held within Croome’s collection were second only to Kew in variety and ambition and came from collectors all over the world. The original receipts for these plants still exist.


As Croome celebrates the bicentenary of the Hortus Croomensis in 2024, an original copy of the text is displayed alongside the GSBI members’ artwork which takes very much centre stage in the main house until March, 2025.


The Hortus Croomensis is still in print and can be found by a Google search “Hortus Croomensis” which will also uncover the Historical and Descriptive Account of Croome D'Abitot which was the Seat of the Right Hon. the Earl of Coventry.